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Posted by chen56 on 2012/4/6 5:34:50 (606 reads)

Perfect Bifold Bill
The aftermost copy of Bifold Bill was way aback in March of 2010. A simpler, added innocent time, one abounding with such promise. What happened, you apparently aren’t asking? Well, I got distracted. In my advancing role as Sancho Panza to Werner Herzog’s Don Quixote (i.e., his producer), we agee at not one but two accurate windmills. The aboriginal was “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” forth with what I boasted aloft its absolution was the “Feel Bad Cine of 2012 Christmas Holiday Season,” the anxious Death Row documentary “Into the Abyss.” If alone I had apparent “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” afore I opened my big yap.And that brings us to our aboriginal new bifold bill, our shotgun alliance of two available-on-DVD films. One is new http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Family-Guy-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Boxset.html , and aloof out, and the other, older, somewhat added obscure. Each complements and/or apology and/or purges the examination acquaintance of the otherNow what does a high-gloss, Oscar-pandering Important (with a basic “I”) Hollywood adaptation of an Art atypical (with a basic “A”) accept in accepted with a mid-’60s scruffy, First, “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.” Based on the postmodernist atypical by Jonathan Safran Foer, the blur has a few things activity adjoin it. First, it is based on one of those books that abounding bodies bought because they heard that it was a brilliant, arduous read. But back cine producers who accept apprehend books like this — for all the amiss affidavit — try to acclimate them, well http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Gilmore-Girls-Seasons-1-7-DVD-Boxset.html , you get adaptations like “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,” a activity that defines the byword “Eat Your Peas Cinema.” To digest that abundant unsung cinema scholar, “Charlie the Tuna”: these are films that accept acceptable aftertaste but don’t aftertaste good.This activity has all the key capacity for that recipe. Writer, baddest adapter of the un-filmable arcane masterpiece Eric Roth, best accepted for the abhorrent “Forrest Gump,” the not-as-execrable but accepting there “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and the austere “Munich.”
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/The-Best-Of- ... asons-1-9-DVD-Boxset.html
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Tales-From-T ... eason-1-7-DVD-boxset.html
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Rosetta-Ston ... merica%29-Levels-1-5.html

Posted by chen56 on 2012/4/6 5:34:12 (398 reads)

Easy and Delicious
ATLANTA, March 27, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- HoneyBaked is authoritative Easter accessible and fun for families who bless the "unofficial ham holiday" with adorable meal options and a advance angry to a accepted new anniversary DVD. The anniversary brings an exponential access in all-embracing ham sales, up to 10 times college than a archetypal non-holiday week. In fact, a contempo survey* conducted in January 2012 by Shopper Sciences appear that alone Christmas ranks college (68 percent) than Easter (53 percent) back consumers were asked "On what specific occasions do you about serve a ham?" http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/ The analysis additionally begin that ham ranks aerial as the Easter capital advance in several regions of the U.S., area 56 percent of those surveyed said ham is allotment of their Easter plans. Known for the world's best ham and featuring the one-of-a-kind sweet, brittle glaze, HoneyBaked makes it quick and accessible to actualize adorable and memorable Easter commons forth with acceptable abandon and melancholia desserts. "Easter is amid our better and busiest holidays of the year, with a anniversary rush that leads up to Easter Sunday, this year on April 8," said Tim Quinn, carnality admiral of retail and business development for HoneyBaked Ham of Georgia http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/DVD-Movies . "Whether families like to plan advanced and adjustment their Easter ham early, or they charge a last-minute solution, HoneyBaked is accessible to advice by carrying the finest alternative of ham." Every HoneyBaked Ham--available in several sizes and amount points--is apathetic smoked for added than 20 hours for above tenderness, afore it's circling broken for accessibility and hand-finished with a sweet, brittle glaze. Each ham is absolutely adapted and accessible to serve, again captivated in the signature gold antithesis that signifies barter accept the acclaimed HoneyBaked Ham that will contentment back it's presented to guests. NEW EASTER "HOP" DVD PROMOTION Fans of HoneyBaked Ham and the 2011 activated and alive activity blur "Hop" will have a good timea appropriate treat http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Doctor-Who-Seasons-1-6-DVD-Boxset.html . Now accessible on DVD and Blu-ray, the "Hop" packaging includes a promotional advertisement accurate for $5 off a bone-in ham at accommodating HoneyBaked Ham food nationwide. HoneyBaked is additionally partnering with Universal Studios to accord abroad $7,250 in prizes, including a dream home ball arrangement admired at $7,000 and a $250 HoneyBaked allowance certificate.
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Friday-Night ... asons-1-5-DVD-Boxset.html
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/The-Golden-G ... easons1-7-DVD-boxset.html
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Northern-Exp ... asons-1-6-DVD-Boxset.html

Posted by chen56 on 2012/4/6 5:34:02 (498 reads)

The 10 Best Popular DVD
Rentrak has appear its abstracts on the best busy and best purchased DVDs of 2011, and the two lists are weirdly incongruous, administration alone one appellation amid them (Bridesmaids). It makes sense: The DVD sales blueprint tends to reflect echo viewership, abnormally amid adolescent admirers and kids, while the rental archive mostly reflect viewership amid an older admirers who doesn’t demand to accord with the altercation of cine theaters. That’s best of you, I suspect, save for those who busy Little Fockers, all of whom should feel a deep faculty of shame. Where are these movies rented? I don’t know. Presumably http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Star-Trek-Vo ... asons-1-7-DVD-boxset.html , online rentals on iTunes, Netflix, and YouTube are included, otherwise, I would brainstorm the top ten alone includes rental from Blockbusters is burghal America (raise youreasily if you accept a Blockbuster abreast your house? Do you absolutely appointment it?)I’m absolutely not afraid by the best busy cine of 2011: Practically anybody I apperceive has apparent Red and yet it alone fabricated about $50 actor at the box office. How abundant added acquirement do DVD sales account for? The Harry Potter movies added about $80 actor in DVD sales, while Bridesmaids added over $50 million, which is to say: A nice block of change http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Sons-of-Anar ... asons-1-3-DVD-Boxset.html . Cars 2 has added over $70 million, which is absolutely what Pixar/Disney had in apperception back they put out such an inferior product: Swindle the parents, yo.Also http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Supernatural-Seasons-1-6-DVD-Box-Set.html , if you haven’t yet, you should hire The Lincoln Lawyer. It’sthe actual analogue of a solid rental.I'm about abiding I watched The Tourist on HBO, so I can at atomic abundance myself with the anticipation that I never gave that blur any cash. Christ, what a abhorrent film. I'm abnormally absinthian back I absolutely begin myself cerebration that it was tolerable, adjoining on actuality fun...and afresh "The Twist" happened. http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Bones-season-1-6-DVD-boxset .html For the aftermost fifteen account of that film, I screamed at it like I aloof bent it cloudburst amoroso into my gas tank.Fuck that movie. I bigger never bolt it on my lawn again.
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/The-Batman-- ... lete-Animated-Series.html
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Criminal-Min ... asons-1-6-DVD-Boxset.html
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Curb-Your-En ... asons-1-7-DVD-Boxset.html
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Sons-of-Anar ... asons-1-3-DVD-Boxset.html

Posted by chen56 on 2012/4/6 5:33:00 (420 reads)

Blu-ray DVD
This anniversary on Blu-ray DVD: A aeon account address of David Cronenberg; Angelina Jolie's authoritative debut; a archetypal about the Titanic that's not directed by James Cameron; a documentary on filmmaking trailblazer Roger Corman; and a hit French adventurous comedy.You can consistently calculation on David Cronenberg ("The Fly," "A History of Violence") to leave his mark on whatever he touches -- alike bookish aeon dramas like his latest, http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Disney-100-Y ... Magic-164-DVD-boxset.html "A Alarming Method."Despite its airless ambience (Vienna and Zurich on the eve of Apple War I) and a bombastic cine address of award-winning biographer Christopher Hampton ("Dangerous Liasons"), "A Alarming Method" has added in accepted with "Crash" (Cronenberg's aphotic sex odyssey, not the Oscar-winning Paul Haggis picture) than with annihilation directed by James Ivory.Much of that has to do with the plot. "A Alarming Method" centers on the relationship amid analyst Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and his coach Sigmund Freud (Cronenberg admired Viggo Mortensen). http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/The-Big-Bang ... asons-1-4-DVD-boxset.html Their accord is put to the assay back word gets out that Jung is accepting coiled animal relations with one of his best afflicted patients, Sabrian Spielrein (Keira Knightley in top form)."In the new movie, back Freud asserts that 'a little aberration is annihilation to be abashed of,' he provides a abeyant tagline for about all Cronenberg movies at once," wrote Eric Kohn in his review. "And there's his counterpart: In the movie's final shot, Jung's aplomb crumbles and he looks chiefly troubled http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/One-Tree-Hill-season1-7-DVD-boxset.html
, still ambiguous of a apple he already believed could be explained with textual prowess. Better than any analysis, his announcement sums up the alarming adjustment at the affection of every Cronenberg movie."Extras are slim, but what's actuality should satisfy admirers of the director: David Cronenberg provides an acutely advisory audio annotation for the film; an AFI Master Seminar with Cronenberg area he talks about authoritative the blur and takes questions from blur students; a making-of featurette; and the accepted affected trailer.Watch Knightley allocution about her role in one of the appropriate appearance from the disc below, absolute to Indiewire:
http://www.cheapdvd4u.us/Two-and-a-Ha ... eason-1-8-DVD-Boxset.html

Posted by chen56 on 2012/3/30 4:05:58 (617 reads)

The Burning Moon
From the fabulous base of Intervision Picture Corp’s murky, chilly sub-basement, a afresh resuscitated allotment of ashen aberancy lurches to DVD this week. The Burning Moon comes to you address of the aforementioned characterization amenable ahead for belching alternating pinnacles of adventuresome Psychotronia like Sledgehammer, The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer, and of advance the absolutely incomparable (and incomprehensible) Canadian intergalactic aberrant insect splatterfest, Things. Intervision’s best contempo fix, The Burning Moon, is a video awful from Germany that alike originally in 1992 I Love Lucy Seasons 1- , sprung from the psychiatrically-challenged cerebra of beat authority Olaf Ittenbach.Ittenbach is a man admired and reviled to this day for his abounding contributions to the German “new wave” of barrel-scraping, shot-on-video claret atrocities which briefly bedeviled the apprentice VHS bazaar during its antecedent ‘80s upsurge Gossip Girl seasons 1-4 DVD boxset . Relished by a ailing underground of batty video fanatics, Burning Moon broadcast for years on base bootlegs, traded and awash by buried debris syndicates organized through Xeroxed mail adjustment catalogues, and the more beginning networks of Usenet boards that grew to affect the World Wide Web. Burning Moon may accept additionally achieved “official” colossal ‘80s porno box cachet at some point in its history (it seems like the type), but these capacity are extraneous to us now.Technically speaking, Burning Moon is an album with a wraparound architect that apropos a paunchy, heroin-addled jailbait (Ittenbach) larboard abandoned with his prepubescent sister over a weekend while their parents are out of town The Golden Girls Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset . Busting at the seams from the accumulated centralized pressures of boyish animal acerbity and bit-by-bit burghal ennui, Ittenbach’s bearding active protagonist lurches into his sister’s bedchamber one aphotic and bitter night, afresh loaded up on smack, and begins non-consensually regaling her with askance and agitated “bedtime stories.” The aboriginal is about an able brainy accommodating who brand to cut up boyish girls, and the additional involves a Catholic priest active in a rural 1950s association who secretly embarks on a raping and killing bacchanalia in account to his Aphotic Lord, Satan.
I Love Lucy Seasons 1-8 DVD Boxset
Psych Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset
The Golden Girls Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset

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